Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer - Rogue Classes (x)

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer - Warrior Classes (x)

Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer - Mage Classes (x)


Again, since we’re all still talking about the new Persona 5 trailer, we should revisit the OTHER important Persona video: 2 Best Friends Play Persona 4.



people saying the persona 5 protag is cute

Dragon Age Keep Prep: Syncing Your Previous Games to Your Bioware Account


So a lot of people have been asking about whether or not you need an Origin account to use the Keep and my answer is sort of. I’m more of a visual learner, so I decided to show people what I mean by setting up a Bioware account and syncing your games (the only thing is I do not have/nor feel like setting up at the moment a new console profile to hook up, so that will not have actual visuals).

First, to mention an important bug any console players (particularly Xbox Live members) might run into. Dragon Age Origins connection to the Dragon Age Servers often bugs and produces an error where it will not access the EA servers. This a random bug and the cause is unknown (though is more common with unstable connections), sometimes you will not be able to connect at all for a time and the best advice is just to try at another time.


Now, first you need an Origin/EA or Bioware Account, I prefer Bioware merely because of aesthetic, but they are really the same thing. Merely fill out whichever account you choose (I am using Bioware in this tutorial).


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I could totally cosplay as Potter kun

I could totally cosplay as Potter kun

I seriously want to cosplay the new Persona protag. I look so much like him it’s not even funny.


can i get into persona 5 without knowing anything about any other persona related things b/c that protagonist has the best face

Yes, yes you can. They’re like Final Fantasy. The other games happened within the same universe but they don’t have an impact on the plot.

Actual BFFs Zoro and Sanji